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Sertur Plastik is one of the remarkable companies in its region, which provides injection molding services and plastic products for global customers.

Sertur Plastik’s Quality Policy assures the below statements:

  1. Responding our customers’ needs in the best possible way by innovative methods so creating added value to regional economy.
  2. Sharing the objectives of our corporation with our employee, by a participative management system.
  3. Planning our operations in customer oriented approach considering the benefit of all relevant parties
  4. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, continuously analyzing customer requirements and requests, and continuously improving our production quality
  5. By following the improvements in technology and global standards in our profession, updating production methods and investing on new equipments
  6. Being respectful to the society and the environment and fulfilling all legal requirements
  7. Continuously improving conditions about occupational health and safety management system and  taking all necessary precautions

To fulfill all the requirements needed to achieve above statements, our directors and employee are responsible to take all the necessary actions according to ISO9001-2015.

Base of Sertur’s environmental policy are; adapting national and international regulations and agreements, minimizing the adverse impacts of production to environment, providing nature friendly materials to its customers.

The environmental policy of Sertur, comprises the following:

  1. Using energy and natural sources effectively,
  2. Reducing waste, preventing pollution at its source and thereby reducing the adverse impacts of its operations to environment,
  3. Providing environmental awareness information to our employee and suppliers

Our activities that are mentioned above are performed under occupational health and safety management systems.

Our timeless aim is to be an exemplary corporation in our field.

Our main goals of environmental policy are;

  1. Reducing usage of packaging materials,
  2. Promoting re-usable packaging materials,
  3. Efficient usage of energy and materials, thus continuously improving energy performance ,
  4. Keeping the environmental factors of any existing and future products under control,
  5. Choosing the most efficient technology and production types,
  6. Recycling materials by eco-friendly methods within the company,
  7. Separating production waste within the company, sending them to licensed recycling facilities.

ISO9001-2015 Certificate
ISO14001-2015 Certificate
OHSAS18001-2007 Certificate